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Easy Tricks to Make Holiday Hosting a Treat

organized kitchen for the holidays

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with Kisabeth Furniture about holiday hosting prep and how to scare away the clutter skeletons in the closet (and kitchen and bathroom and pantry...)

Along with Chateau Concepts and Vinya in Dallas Design District, we shared tips on decluttering, organizing, decorating and transforming your space so it’s holiday-ready.

For me, that means tackling small spaces first. Start with a spice rack or a pajama drawer. Usually these areas take minimal time and little decision-making. The instant gratification after organizing a more manageable space is a good warm-up for bigger projects.

I also recommend setting aside sentimental items until the end of the organizing process. Making decisions on pieces that are inherited, children's items or special clothing or keepsakes can paralyze the organizing process. Low-attachment items are easier to deal with, keeping you motivated to press on.

Once you've made the decisions and have a donation pile prepared, don't put yourself through the process again. Bag it all up and take it to a donation center the same day. Otherwise, you've just spent your time relocating clutter to another spot in your home, garage or car.

Want more tips on getting your home ready for entertaining this season? Read all the easy holiday hosting tips on Kisabeth's blog.


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