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12 Easy Ways to Transform Your Guest Room Into a Retreat

(Read number 12 for the best tip that you can do today!)

neutral black metal guest room decor

If ever there was a time to turn your attention to the guest room, it's during the holidays. In fact, Basket & Bin gets more calls between October and December for organizing help in the guest room than in.all the other months combined. It's not too late to get yours in shape though.

When I updated our guest room earlier this year, I took some time to consider how it could be more functional and attractive. You can use these easy ways to transform your guest room too.

The Must-Haves

I like to start with how the room functions when reimagining a space. After all, a beautiful room quickly loses its luster when it isn't comfortable.

My home guest room checklist includes:

1) Wi-Fi password. Save your guests the awkwardness of texting you about it after lights-out. Add it on a slip of paper or print it out and place in a small frame. If there is anything your guest needs to know about adjusting the A/C or heat, operating the TV or your household alarm for example, you can include it here.

2) Bedding layers. A few options are ideal to suit all types of sleepers. I like the three-piece approach: sheets, coverlet and quilt or comforter. Your guests can usually find the sweet spot for their comfort with those choices. A throw blanket is a nice touch as well.

3) A fan. Even with bedding layers, a fan is essential. It can be portable or ceiling mounted...the important thing is that is works! Besides ventilation, the white noise it provides can be helpful in a busy household. Give it good dusting before turning it on, especially if you haven't used it in a while.

4) Quality sheets. Whether you go cotton, flannel or micro fiber, high-quality sheets really do make a difference. I have used Comphy sheets for years since my in-laws discovered them at a bed-and-breakfast. They are often used in five-star resorts and in luxury spas. I have them on every bed.

5) Pillow choices. As a guide, King and Queen beds should have two firm and two soft pillows. Twin beds should have one of each.

6) Designated bathroom space. Make sure it's stocked as thoughtfully as the guest bedroom. Mini lotions, lip balm, a toothbrush, wrapped mints or nail file are thoughtful items to keep handy. If you haven't used the guest bath space lately, run the faucets, wash the towels, and replenish the soap, hair products and toilet paper. A plunger is always a good idea too!

organized spa vibe guest bathroom retreat

The Nice-To-Haves

While not essential, these are things that make the experience a bit more inviting. You can incorporate one or a few of these ideas:

7) A bedside light and night stand. It's nice for guest to have a spot to place water, a book, their phone and glasses. A bedside light helps locate it all in a dark new environment.

neutral black and brass metal bedroom

8) Snacks and drinks. When my bestie comes to town, I leave her favorite candy in a jar by the bed. Ditto for some bottled water to hydrate after our wine tastings. Whatever your guest enjoys, it's a nice touch to have it set aside especially for them.

9) An extra phone charger. Everyone needs one and many forget to pack it.

10) A mirror. No one wants to roll out of bed in the morning and greet a kitchen full of people looking like well, they just rolled out of bed. A wall or stand mirror allows for a quick glance before that first cup of coffee.

11) A place to unpack. Whether its a few drawers and some closet space or simply a hook for a coat and purse, it's nice to have a place to settle in. Consider a bench or collapsable suitcase stand to keep luggage off the floor.

The Best Way to Transform Your Guest Room

12) Spend the night in your own guest room! You'll quickly see what's needed and what isn't. If you aren't comfortable there, your guests probably won't be either.

What's on your guest room must-have list? What's a special touch you've experienced in someone else's home that made you feel welcome? I'd love to know!


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