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My Story


Welcome! I'm Debbie and I'm so glad you stopped by!

As a kid, I had the most organized bedroom you've ever seen. I even created a Dewey decimal system for my beloved books, complete with check-out cards when friends borrowed them. While it was no surprise I was an English major at Texas A&M, I certainly never thought about organizing as a career after I earned my degree, got married and had kids.


It wasn't until 2017 when I started Basket & Bin after 20 years in the corporate world as a high-tech recruiter and account manager. While working for other companies, I'd built and managed teams and helped job seekers find their dream jobs. Eventually I decided it was time to do the same thing for myself.


With lots of prayer and much encouragement from family and friends, I switched careers and set out to launch my own business. Within weeks of that decision, Hurricane Harvey hit and my house, along with thousands of others, flooded. We rebuilt our home while our family of four lived in it, and suddenly I experienced what it was like to live among complete chaos. This helped me understand how different seasons of life can affect homes and the people in them, and the lessons I learned still influence every home I organize today.

It's a privilege to be invited into your home to help you enjoy it and the people you share it with. Whether you've recently moved, welcomed a new child, inherited things from your family, combined households or are downsizing, my team and I can't wait to help you get organized!


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Gentleman's wardrobe

"enthusiasm & efficiency"

"Words can hardly describe the amount of work, commitment and effort Debbie put into organizing my parent's home. With increasing health concerns and a lifetime of accumulation, I reached out to Basket & Bin to help my parents move on to the next stage of their lives. It was a tremendous job. The team approached the job with incredible enthusiasm and efficiency, tackling both the decluttering and organization aspects of almost every room in the house including the kitchen, bedrooms, closets, pantry, dining room and more. We could not have achieved this result without their dedication and talent, and will be forever grateful."  -A.B., Houston

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