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Celebrate: Five-Star Margaritas

To me, nothing says Tex-Mex like a really good margarita on the rocks. Lucky for me, my husband makes the world's best.

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, we're having these with homemade Chicken Fajitas (see my blog post from 3-18-2020 called Meal Planning: Chicken for the fajita recipe).

Five-Star Margaritas

(Makes a pitcher, about 6 margaritas)

- 6 oz. good tequila (we like Cazadores Reposado)

- 3 oz. Cointreau

- 1.5 oz. Grand Marinier

- One bottle of margarita mix (33 oz...we like Uncle Dick's "Dawg Daze"

- Limes to taste

- Coarse Salt (optional)

Mix everything but the salt in a pitcher. Pour over crushed ice in a glass (pre-salt the rim if you like) and enjoy!

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